4:30AM Pears

The problem with blogs is keeping up.  Somehow I lost my other blog with paintings carefully and time consumingly uploaded into a gallery.  On the other hand it is like starting again.  One must see the good side.  
So in an effort to catch up here is a painting from last year.  I painted this at around 4:30 in the morning before leaving on a trip.  Wish I could do that every morning. ( yes, go on a trip as well as paint )
  I chose 3 tubes of paint, a yellow, red & blue randomly from pigments I don't usually use.  My original blog post had the list which I do not remember now, but diarylide yellow is one I think.  

Pencil- top Parrot

This is one of those nifty carved wood and painted pencil-top things.  The paint was sticky today (is it the weather - I'll blame it on that).  Nothing wanted to stay where it was meant to be.   After awhile one must stop as it doesn't look better.  So here it is, the kids old pencil top parrot on an egg cup, not a pencil.   iPhone photo - will have to retake me thinks.